Mike Press Goes International

As reported in the specialized press last year, Mike Press Wines have joined forces with Bob and Yuko Harris – an Australian-Japanese couple. Mike continues to make the wines, while son James manages the beautiful Kenton Valley vineyard with Mick Rawlings, and Judy looks after sales and marketing with daughter Sarah. The team continues with the same dedication to quality and customer satisfaction as always.

Both our Kenton Valley vineyard and neighbouring Schubert’s vineyard are now in the group of Bob and Yuko’s Australian company, SCI Phoenix International, its French counterpart having wine and vineyard interests in Burgundy and Beaujolais, France.

Bob said: “It was natural for us to go first to Japan, with our friends Richard and Yoshiko of Village Cellars, and it went like a charm”. Mike commented: “I’ve always said that I don’t work to live; I live to work, and there’s nothing like getting into tasting and discussing wine in another culture to prove the point”.
“Mike was received like a rock star” continued Bob, “and I’m sure the word is going to get around among wine-lovers in Japan, as it has in Australia”.
“Now we are quite motivated to look at other Asian markets”, he added.

Bob noted that the acquisition of Schubert’s vineyard just down the road would build capacity in the same area of the Adelaide Hills while underlining that Mike Press Wines would remain faithful to the philosophy that has built their reputation – top-quality grapes producing excellent wines, all at affordable prices.

Australian wine-lovers can be assured that they will continue to get the Mike Press Wines they have come to know and enjoy, even as these sought-after wines are discovered in other parts of the world.