Our Story

Our story as it appeared earlier is due for an update, keeping the relevant parts…

Chapter One

25 years ago, Yuko gained the rights to translate and publish Harry Potter in Japan. It was a huge success. 13 years ago, Bob retired from his international work and turned to writing. Together we started a wine club in France called ‘Phoenix Wine Club’, named after ‘The Order of Phoenix ’, in the Harry Potter series. We took the idea firstly to Japan. Then we thought, ‘Why not look for a small vineyard and family business?’ Through contacts in the Adelaide Hills we ended up reaching an agreement with Mike Press to acquire Mike Press Wines. That was in 2017.

Early on, Mike and his wife Judy visited Japan with us, and Mike was welcomed like a rock star. To this day, Mike Press Wines continues to be imported into Japan by our friends at Village Cellars – Richard and Yoshiko Cohen.

Later Mike and Judy visited us in France and then in Switzerland, where they joined Yuko as she celebrated her 80th birthday last September, when she announced that she was passing the Presidency of her publishing house to her Vice-President.

Now there are changes underway at Mike Press Wines – as we have announced – see A NEW ERA FOR MIKE PRESS WINES. [Read more]

We are by no means wine experts. But we know good wines and good value. So, we have never hesitated to back Mike Press Wines.

More of this story will be told later. For now, Bob is working on his new book, beginning with his experience of India during the Bangladesh War of 1971, and Yuko is responding to invitations for speaking engagements. Both of us are also committed to our work with the Magic Libraries Foundation and related charities.

Meanwhile please join us in continuing to enjoy Mike Press Wines, made by Mike Press, with grapes from the superb vineyard in the Adelaide Hills [Read more]

*Mike and Judy joined us in Burgundy, France, in the summer of 2022. Our staff at the Château de St Germain kindly gave us this photo as a gift at the end of year party of that year.

Yuko had kept it in her study.


Chapter Two


Mike Press Wines combine a vineyard in the picturesque Adelaide Hills and a partnership in the Oliver and Press winery in McLaren Vale, South Australia. [link] This family company has been proud to have set the benchmark for producing quality wine at an outstanding prices.

“I’ve decided to give this winery/maker proprietary five stars because there is no other producer offering estate-grown and made wines at prices to compete with these.” James Halliday – Halliday Wine Companion

What started out as an idyllic retirement plan for Mike and Judy Press, became a thriving business offering amazingly affordable wines to Australia and then to the world.

After working in the South Australian wine industry for over 40 years – from Penfolds under Max Schubert, to Seppelt, and finally to Mildara Blass as chief winemaker – Mike purchased the property in Kenton Valley, near Lobethal in the Adelaide Hills, in 1998.

In 2016 Mike and Judy Press met Bob and Yuko Harris, a couple who were just as passionate about wine and South Australia. In 2017 Bob and Yuko purchased Mike Press Wines. They wanted this to be a strong working partnership with Mike and Judy staying on to be part of it all, the fact that it was to continue as a family run business was very important to both parties. The whole Press Family were thrilled to accept this offer. Not only did this give Mike and Judy the opportunity to be involved in the next chapter for Mike Press Wines including branching into export, but it also gave them the opportunity to continue doing what they loved, with the added freedom to enjoy their retirement – which was the whole point of the business anyway!

Bob is a South Australian in retirement after a prestigious international career and Yuko translated and published the Harry Potter series in Japan. Yuko recently retired as President of the Say Zan Sha group of publishing companies in Tokyo.

“Mike has had a lifetime of experience as a winemaker and won prestigious awards and consistent high-rating reviews. The vineyard is rated at the very top among the state’s vineyards. His pinot noir and chardonnay compare with the ones we know in Burgundy, France. And then there is the cabernet, shiraz, merlot and sauvignon blanc – all from a single vineyard! ” Bob Harris